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this episode was so stressful

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1. Those tigers look thin.

2. Zoos are fucking stupid.

3. Capturing wild animals and using them for human entertainment is a super shitty thing to do.

4. This is not cool.

This is abuse and horrible.  Zoos are prisons.

Some zoos only take old animals to where they are given an easy life. Their maintenance is funded by people coming into the zoo.

Those tigers are not thin.

"Zoos are fucking stupid" wow such science you sold me

They weren’t captured for this purpose, they probably weren’t captured at all, it’s called rescuing. 

This is cool.

This is not abuse, it’s actually exercise if you think about it.

Zoos are not prisons. Zoos allow us to rescue animals, research them, and protect them from hunters and the dangers that we, as humans, impose on them.

I’m so done with all the shit about zoos on my fucking dash. 

Zoos literally save animals every day so why don’t you do your freaking research.

This comment is perfect^

Animals come to zoos as a result of 

  • being born captive
  • getting injured in the wild and rescued to live a healthy life in captivity
  • being rescued from black market dealers, private collectors, or the like who decide that they can no longer care for the animals or who had been illegally keeping the animals
  • being in a breeding program to increase their numbers because the animal is endangered in the wild

If you knew anything about tigers at all, you’d know that they are endangered in the wild due to poaching and hunting. It is of utmost importance that their numbers increase, or they will go extinct within the next fifty years. I don’t know what zoo this is so I don’t know their reputation, but the tigers look healthy, and this tug-of-war is good for them because some animals get stressed in zoos when they are bored. This isn’t solely to entertain zoo guests, it is to give the tigers something fun to do.

Zoos do not snatch animals from the wild without a good reason. If you want to protest animal captivity, go to SeaWorld and protest the orcas being kept there, they are far too large to belong in such cramped spaces and they are solely kept for entertainment.

Thank you and good day.


THANK YOU, YOU LOVELY PEOPLE. I work at a Zoo and the animals I see are always so happy! They are not upset and we have recently had a lot of babies be born there and it is amazing. We just celebrated a baby elephant’s (I sadly forget her name) 2nd birthday. All they want to do is play and they are not made to do anything. There are some animals that aren’t even out all of the time because if it hits a certain temperature they are not allowed out so they don’t get sick. They are all so cared for. People need to get their facts together. There are some places, yes, like seaworld, that are terrible, but most Zoos are not like that at all. And honestly, the best place I have seen is Animal Kingdom.

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jonghyun’s hysterical laugh when jongin stopped the car from hitting yoonhye

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A very interesting Frozen factoid


So, in the Frozen tie-in book, A Sister More Like Me, it’s mentioned that Elsa loves geometry.


While at first this seems like a throwaway piece of trivia about Elsa, her interest in geometry makes a ton of sense when you think about how she was able to construct her ice palace. At first, I didn’t put much thought into Elsa being able to construct a beautiful (and structurally sound) ice castle like it was nothing, but when you consider that bit about her love of geometry, it provides an actual answer as to how she was able to do it.

Geometry is used a lot in architecture and construction, as knowing what shapes to use plays an important role in making sure a building is structurally sound. The very first thing Elsa does when making her castle is creating a center point to ensure the structure will be balanced. 


And when she actually begins to build the castle, we see a myriad of shapes being formed and used.


Finally, Elsa uses the term “fractals" in "Let it Go" ("My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around…"). A fractal is a geometric term that describes a set that displays a self-similar pattern and is often used to catalog snowflakes. The fact that Elsa knows and uses this word really speaks volumes about her knowledge of geometry.   

Tl;dr- Elsa used math to build a sweet-ass ice castle.

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my otp will be the death of me

Skydragon - Baddest female & oppa, day 2.

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my heart says yes but my mom says no

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